Work smarter, not harder

What is ADRO?

A true leader in the business system and application development. ADRO systems give you control, with speed and easy to use tools. Available on any device, anywhere, anytime. Everything is taken care of for you, so you can run your business easily and efficiently.


AI integration has become a reality. Process prediction, automation, and suggestions are currently the main applications. Another impressive technology is the two-way communication more commonly called “system agent” that uses speech recognition and verbal computerized response that allows for faster/easier interaction between user and systems, and also a lower computer skill needed for the user.


Producing engaging, easy to use tools that simplify your business process. Giving you powerful tools to monitor, analyze and expand your business. Measuring our success by our client’s success.


Our extensive experience in complex data management provides flexibility to expand functionalities and future-proof your system. We use different techniques and programming languages to provide different functionalities, integration with other systems and make our products available on virtually any device with internet.